Vision in flyfishing - Worldwide

Fly Fishing is not only a fun sport for us. We at Vision also love developing fly tackle and promoting this great way of using your valuable free time. Being serious but having fun at the same time and not forgetting the main issues of fly fishing has taken us to the position we have today. There's Vision in fly fishing in over 30 countries world wide.


People often ask who’s behind the Vision brand and what kind of people they are. This year we decided to pull the curtain aside a little and reveal this “secret”. We are the band who plays music on stage and behind the scenes. But just as in any good music, the band isn’t everything. It’s the tunes, the melodies and the feeling they put together. We are not posing as a world famous rock band. Our creations, Vision products, are the ones to make a splash, tell our story and create the Vision feeling. And just as in every band, we also need fans. To us fans are more like people who work with us, help us, and who dig us around the world. Without you we wouldn’t rock so hard live.