Trout & Salmon Magazine May2017: Rod test

Trout & Salmon magazine editor Andrew Flitcroft and experienced stillwater competition fisherman and guide Al Owen cast 13 9’6’’ #6 rods for dry-fly and nymph fishing on stillwaters. They had rods from Shakespeare, Wychwood (2 pcs), Daiwa, Orvis, Hardy, Winston, Sage, Scierra, Airflo, Redington, Greys and Vision. The prices range from £68.99 all the way to £799. 

They assessed the rods for accuracy, distance, feel and purpose. The overall assessment was that nowadays it is very difficult to find a bad rod. Furthermore, the testers stated that:  “The rod that is right for you will depend on your casting style, experience and ability.” However, being a rod test they had to come up with some recommendations and they ended up recommending three rods: Scierra SRX V2, Vision Onki and Sage X. You should get a copy of the magazine and read the full review, but before that we would like to leave you with a short quotation from the article stating Trout&Salmon magazine editor Mr. Flitcroft’s feelings after the test: “Andrew also thought the top-price rods were very good, with the Sage the fastest, the Hardy slightly softer and the Winston even more so, but he stuck to the Onki at £200 as his outright favorite.”

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