New Onki rods excel

UK based fly fishing magazine Trout Fisherman had a one page review of Vision Onki fly rods in their March/April 2017 issue. Independent tester Mr. Robbie Winram tested two Onki models: 10' #6 and 9'6'' #7. You should read the full review from the magazine, but in a nutshell Mr. Winram writes that Onki rods are easy to cast and pleasure to fish with.

We couldn't agree more with his review. This very reasonably priced rod family (11 models) covers most of the situations, which an angler will face regardless were she/he is fishing. The series has great rods for small creeks, large rivers and for various types of stillwater destinations. Try to find a fly fishing fair or a test day, where you can cast these rods and find out, which model suits your needs best." Easy-casting Onki is a pleasure" as Mr Winram says...

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