KEEPER FLY FISHING - affordable sister brand

Vision Fly Fishing is celebrating its 20th anniversary in fly fishing tackle designing and development. Being one of the leading European fly fishing tackle brands it is well-known for its innovative and youthful approach throughout its mid-priced repertoire. In 2016 Vision launched two premium product families named as XO and Merisuola, the former being directed mainly to freshwater anglers and the latter to saltwater fanatics. Both have their own websites ( |

The owner of the Vision brand, Vision Group Ltd, is also the owner of the Keeper fly fishing brand as shown in the picture on the left. Keeper was originally developed close to 10 years ago to better serve company's expanding client base in Finland and beyond.

In general, the price range of Keeper products is somewhat lower than what we have in Vision, but on the other hand it includes several products not available from Vision. Hence these two fly fishing brands support each others nicely.

In order to see the full Keeper fly fishing repertoire, please vsiit the new Keeper website.