Alex Keus

Alex is based in the German Eifel, a mountainous area near the borders to Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands. He became a fly fisherman after an inspiring holiday in the Dolomits, where he experienced trouts rising to a dry for the first time. He got addicted instantly and since then, spent most of his time on the water. In Germany, he especially fell in love with the upper Rur and its wild character. Nowadays he calls Wallonia and all the rivers of eastern Belgium his second home. Always seeking for big and wild brown trouts, he travelled across Europe and fished in France, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Slovenia, Norway and Sweden. In 2009 Alex started a blog project, named FLYBEI (, in order to share his passion and his personal fishing experiences. FLYBEI grew rapidly and today around 10.000 people visit his site every month. Asides from blogging, he writes for different print and online fishing magazines. Alex is especially fascinated by the tactical aspects of fly fishing and tries to absorb any information about techniques on the market. Besides his regular job as a lecturer at university, he started to guide and accompany fly fishermen to various waters in Germany, Austria, Belgium and the Netherlands. There he is each year searching for big mama pikes. Lately, he founded his own fly fishing school. On the stony shores of the Rur, he offers single hand fly casting courses, introduces people to fly tying and teaches beginners and advanced learners. It’s a great feeling for him to follow people shapeing their first loops and catching their first fish with a self-made fly. | |