Jarkko Suominen

Jarkko has been competing actively in fly fishing already for almost 20 years. He is internationally the most experienced and most successful competition angler in Finland. Jarkko has been a part of the Finnish national team for 14 years already. Besides having three national individual championships, he has World Fly Fishing Championship Team silver and several other good placings (2nd in 2005 Sweden, 4th in 2009 Scotland, 2013 Norway and 2014 Czech Republic). Furthermore, he has several individual placings among the best ten anglers (4th in 2005 Sweden, 6th in 2010 Poland, 7th in 2013 Norway and 10th in 2004 Slovakia). In addition, he has the team silver medal in The America Cup (2013 Vail, USA), 3rd place in Pro Fly Angling Tour (2014 Colorado, USA) and team gold medal in Eikre-Fly Invitational (2017 Norway). Jarkko’s strengths are his vast international experience and his versatility regarding various fishing techniques. Thanks to his long career in competition angling Jarkko is known to stay calm in every imaginable condition.

When not competing Jarkko enjoys fishing especially for grayling either in Finland or Central Europe. On his trips he also likes to spend some time behind the camera. Currently, Jarkko is working in close co-operation with Vision HQ to design a premium rod series for modern nymphing.