Aki Huhtanen

Aki defiantly lives the “dream.” Spending his winters snowmobiling and ice-fishing at Northern Scandinavian Mountains and his summers chasing really huge grayling, arctic char, trout and pike in and around the Enontekiö wilderness area, gives Aki his most joy. “I have never had a desk job and never plan to. It just wouldn’t seem right.”

I have been fly fishing for over 15 years and since 2006 I run my own guiding company, named GRAYLING LAND. During my fishing career I have visited many wonderful grayling, trout and char rivers, but compared to any other river the Magic River is unique. In the northernmost reaches of Finland, there's a Magic river where the grayling grow really big. Every year dozens of grayling over 1 kg (over 2.2 lbs), the largest ones exceeding even over 2 kg (over 4.4 lbs) in weight, are caught there on dry.

“I really enjoy teaching people new techniques and seeing them catch fish is really exciting to me. When guiding I still consider myself fishing, but I have to do it through my clients, choosing the right fly, using the right approach and technique. When they get into fish, I feel like I had a big part in it and it is really rewarding.” Mention dry fly fishing for grayling and Aki might just go crazy.

Website: www.graylingland.com