GUMMI -stickier than takiainen (thistle in English)

Although most the well-proven wading boot sole materials are working very well in most of the situations, we felt that there was clearly a room for improvement. So we started to co-operate with our rubber sole manufacturer. After a long period of development and testing, we are proud to present our new rubber sole, called GUMMI. GUMMI is providing a unique level of traction on most imaginable surfaces we face while wading and walking on our fishing trips.  We extended the sole so that it covers the front part of the shoe and prevents anything going between the sole and the boot and eventually making the sole come away. The final touch in our pursuit for superior traction is achieved by including our tested low profile tungsten studs to the sole. These studs work extremely well when combined with the softness of GUMMI and they form together a pair which is second to none - a real challenger even for the classical felt sole.

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