Antti Guttorm - Mr Speywalker

Antti has been in the Vision World Team since 2007. First he started out working for us half of the year with demos and casting courses and rest of the year he dedicated for fishing and guiding. Since 2012 Antti has been working as our second product manager and nowadays he has the main responsibility for our rods and lines. 

Although river fishing for grayling and atlantic salmon is Antti’s first love he enjoys just about all forms of fly fishing. Normal year for Antti consists of pike and seatrout from the Bay of Finland in the spring, mayfly time for brown trout in Estonia, salmon, grayling and seatrout in Teno and Finnmark in the summer and back to the Baltic in the fall. Also the crystal clear waters of Austria are in the menu both during spring and fall. Hunting the flats in the tropics have become an absolute obsession for Antti and he tries to spend at least couple of weeks doing it every year.

Antti has been teaching fly casting since 2005. In 2008 he passed all three examinations of casting instructors from F.F.F. (Federation of Fly Fishers) in a single event in Treviso Italy. He holds both MCI (Master Casting Instructor) and THCI (Two Handed Casting Instructor) certifications.