Kust Magnum
Who wouldn’t love a scale pattern on his/her fly reel? Nobody. For that reason we introduced a new Kust Magnun reel with a beautiful engraved scale pattern on the other side of the reel. This greyish-blue reel is best suited for lighter DH rods and switch rods, but can be used for heavier single-hand rods as well. It is a heavy-duty reel with a robust frame, full body rim and powerful brake.

VRM3.5. Kust Magnum

This different looking reel family is closely related to our Rulla reels. They share the same reliable drag system with USA made carbon & stainless steel discs and the same quick spool release. These reels are more solid and stronger, thanks to the full rim frame. Their colour theme goes hand in hand with our rods, Kust is designed for coastal fishing, Big Daddy will tire the big pike in the Baltic Sea and the Ace Of Spey will fight even the biggest salmon and steelhead. For the season 2017 we will introduce Lohi and Kust Magnum reels to be used with light double-hand rods or heavy single hand rods.