Big Daddy Hooks: green is the color
+Wide gap and micro-barbed
+Green Nickel Finish
+Chemically sharpened
+Strong hook for all freshwater, estuary and saltwater applications.
+Sizes: #1/0, #2/0, #4/0.
+Package: 10 Hooks
+Made in collaboration with Partridge of Redditch
+Made in Japan.

The interest towards fly fishing for non-salmonids species in Europe has increased considerably during the last decade or so and the main focus has clearly been on the northern pike. Vision has been extremely active in this field and obtained an excellent position on these constantly growing markets with its pike related product families aptly named as Big Daddy and Big Mama. Both families include fly rods and fly lines specially designed for pike fishermen. Additionally, one can equip one’s rods with appropriately colored Vision fly reels, tie in some serious wire as the terminal tackle and unhook the fish with proper pliers while wearing some cool pike inspired apparel. For season 2017, we will further complement our pike related repertoire and introduce two special hooks for targeting those wild toothy critters of the North. The names for these hooks are, surprise surprise, Big Daddy and Big Mama. In order to get it right from the start, we did this in collaboration with one of the best fly hook companies there is, Partridge of Redditch.

If we would ask fly tiers around the globe to name three most famous fly hook companies in the world, we would bet our money on that Partridge of Redditch from England would be among those three. The iconic logo of that flying partridge is so well known to all of us, who have ever tied a fly.

This famous company has a long and interesting history in a way dating back all the way to the times of Henry VIII, when religious disputes forced skilled monks to work with more earthly matters such as processing steel and developing specialized metal work. In the early days needle making and hook making went hand in hand; the techniques developed for making needles could be applied in making hooks as well. In the second half of the nineteenth century, the transition from pure handwork to industrial production made town Redditch famous for excellent fish hooks throughout the world. In that period they actually dominated the world market.

Partridge of Redditch was based on existing hook manufacturing shortly after the turn of the century, but no one knows the exact year any longer. Partridge bears its name from the founder Albert Partridge. He left the firm to his son Ted, who sold it to Alan Bramley in 1970. Thanks to Mr. Bramley, Partridge of Redditch became the internationally acclaimed brand and created some of the most advanced hook patterns the industry had ever seen. In 1996 the Norwegian hook manufacturer O. Mustad & Son bought Partridge of Redditch from the Bramley family. In 2009 Mustad sold Partridge to the British company FishingMatters Ltd who restructured the brand to make sure that Partridge of Redditch is a brand set to survive the next hundred years at the forefront of the hook business.

When fishing for a big pike with a hard mouth you need a special hook. It needs to be strong and extremely sharp. In order to tie really big and bulky flies when needed, the hook needs to have a proper gap. When fishing in brackish water (the Baltic Sea) you need to consider corrosion related issues as well. As releasing trophy-size pikes is recommendable for various reasons, having a micro-size barb in your hook is not only good for penetration but for releasing or de-barbing as well. To bear all the above in mind, it was easy to conclude that Partridge of Redditch had the knowledge and the designs to implement our vision. As a result we are very happy and very proud to introduce the solid green-colored Big Daddy and the extra-strong red-colored Big Mama hooks especially for all of us who love to fish for the fast-and-furious northern pike.

Wide gap, micro-barbed, strong predator hook for all freshwater, estuary and saltwater applications.
Straight-Eye, Green Nickel Finish. Chemically sharpened.
Sizes: #1/0, #2/0, #4/0. Package: 10 Hooks. Made in Japan.