Big Daddy
Big Daddy is a line which is designed for both big and air resistant flies. It has a short, 8,5meter head with very aggressive front taper giving you really good turnover of bulky flies. The low stretch core, combined with super slick grooved coating with built-in Teflon, transfers the casting energy in the best possible way and gives a clear advantage hooking hard headed fish firmly even at long distances. The short and heavy head is easy to handle and shoot but at the same time the thicker running line gives you an opportunity to aerialize longer line without collapsing your cast. These lines are available in full floating, full intermediate, full sink 3, full sink 5 densities and for season 2014 also in full extreme slow intermediate (Slomo).

Big Mama is our new all-around pike line and it is a proper tool when using big flies (even the rabbit size ones) - just like our proven Big Daddy fly line. The main criterion for a fisherman to choose between Big Mama and Bid Daddy is not the size or the weight of his/hers favourite fly, but the preference whether he/she likes short headed shooting head type line (Big Daddy) or traditional WF type line (Big Mama). Even though the head of Big Mama looks longer on paper, the majority of the head weight is situated on the front part so it can be used successfully also with big & heavy flies.

When we simplify things considerably, one could say that when you are fishing from a float tube you should give Big Daddy the first chance and when you are fishing from a boat your first option should be Big Mama. But as we all know, one likes daughter, another prefers mother and the third one loves both. So, get them both and go fishing. After a couple of trips you will know your own preference – Mama or Daddy. We don’t judge, we love them both…

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