OUTFITS - just add water

Includes rod, reel, flyline, leader and backing. Packed in a Cordura tube with reel pouch.

  • Solina


  • Fisu Set

    Fisu Set

    Affordable ready-to-go set
  • Pike 2.0 Set

    Pike 2.0 Set

    Ready-to-go #9 set for pike fishing.
  • GT100 Set

    GT100 Set

    High quality ready-to-go sets (9' #5 and 9' #6)
  • Abbo Set

    Abbo Set

    Ready-to-go set especially for streamer fishing
  • Silver Set

    Silver Set

    High-end out for especially coastal fishing
  • Zulu Kids Set

    Zulu Kids Set

    7'6'' #5/6 set for kids