Rods doubles (DH)


Anadromous fish species are frequently tough cookies for fly fishermen. Not only can the river you are fishing be totally void of any fish (you should have been there last week), but in addition to that, these fish are usually not feeding actively while in freshwater. Add big rivers, high winds, large flies and fast sinking lines to this equation and you’ll start to see the whole picture. People have been using double-hand rods to even the odds at least to some extent. Previously, most of the double handers were long and heavy casting machines, but recently things have started to change.

  • Tool Cork DH

    Tool Cork DH

    The Beast with a cork handle
  • Siks DH

    Siks DH

    Ridiculously easy to cast - 13'4'' #7, 13'8'' #9 and 15'2' #10 6 pcs rods
  • Onki DH & Switch

    Onki DH & Switch

    DH 13′ - 15′ | Switch 11′
  • XO DH

    XO DH

    DH 12′8″ - 14′8″
  • Glass Salmon

    Glass Salmon

    Glass fibre - endless stretch