Vests / Bags / Tubes


We all need various products while we are fishing (for example fly boxes and tippets). In order to have them all easily available, we use various types of carry-on devices according to our needs and preferences. For storage and transportation purposes we need different types of bags and rod tubes. We are pretty sure that we can help you with these issues...

  • Reel Bag

    Reel Bag

    36cm * 27cm * 17cm
  • Wader bag

    Wader bag

    17.5” by 11.8” by 12.6”
  • Hard Gear Bag

    Hard Gear Bag

    46 cm * 32 cm * 18 cm
  • Aqua Day Pack

    Aqua Day Pack

    Waterproof / Size 50cm x 29cm x 17 cm
  • Aqua Handles

    Aqua Handles

    Waterproof / Size 29cm x 12cm x 18cm
  • Mycket Bra

    Mycket Bra

    New colors
  • Love handels

    Love handels

    New colors
  • Mega Bra

    Mega Bra

    New colors
  • Mini Bra

    Mini Bra

    New colors
  • Aqua Sling

    Aqua Sling

    Modern approach for carry systems.
  • Aqua Gear Bag

    Aqua Gear Bag

    Waterproof / Size 11,5cm x 7,5cm x 15cm.
  • Caribou


    Khaki / Green
  • Aquatube


    Waterproof / Size 82cm x 30cm x 30cm.
  • All in one duffel

    All in one duffel

    32“ by 13.5“ by 13.5“
  • Travel tubes

    Travel tubes

    82 cm, 110 cm, 140 cm & 160 cm

    74 cm & 95 cm