It is always a good idea to protect one's head from cold, sunlight, wind, rain, and rogue flies. Fingers tend to turn blue sometimes if not protected and dressing properly for any after-fishing activities should be considered carefully.

  • Neck Gaiter

    Neck Gaiter

    merino wool
  • Beanie Daddy

    Beanie Daddy

  • Beanie Black

    Beanie Black

    merino wool
  • Save the Natives

    Save the Natives

    Save the Natives. #S-#M(women). #S - #XXL
  • Kallo


    Scary stuff. #S - #XXL
  • Vaakuna


  • Scout


    Be prepared
  • Big Mama

    Big Mama

    We just love Big Mamas
  • Classic caps

    Classic caps

    Two new colors: khaki and olive.
  • Nahka


    Dark brown camo. One size.
  • Pass me the Salt

    Pass me the Salt

    Light blue / light grey. One size.
  • Flexfit Big Daddy

    Flexfit Big Daddy

    One size fits all
  • Flexfit Burley

    Flexfit Burley

    Brown / One size
  • Flexfit Trucker

    Flexfit Trucker

    Grey camo
  • Big Daddy Beanie

    Big Daddy Beanie

    One size fits all
  • Willa Bill Beanie

    Willa Bill Beanie

    Merino wool beanie with a bill
  • Willa Light Beanies

    Willa Light Beanies

    Lighter merino wool beanies