Wading boots


Wading boots are the safety shoes of fly fishermen. We take this issue very seriously and have been trying to design our models accordingly. This year we bring you a brand new boot model, called Loikka (a Finnish word for a leap or bounce), and a totally new sticky rubber sole material called Gummi. We are sure that you will love Loikka+Gummi combination regardless where you fish. Mako is our reliable workhorse, which is tough enough for any extreme conditions. It has already quite a lot of mileage and a big bunch of happy users. For slightly easier conditions and longer hikes, we have Hopper. These lightweight boots are a real pleasure to wear but still get the job done. All models are available with felt sole or with rubber sole with tungsten studs.

  • Sprinter


    V3107. Sprinter with Gummi rubber sole. #7 - #13
  • Urban


    V2055. Urban with felt sole. #8 - #12
  • Hopper


    V2080. Hopper with felt sole #6 - #14
    V2081. Hopper with Gummi rubber sole #6 - #14
  • Loikka


    V3110. Loikka with felt sole. #6 - #13
    V3111. Loikka with Gummi rubber sole and tungsten studs. #6 - #14
    V3112. Loikka with Gummi rubber sole. #6 - #14
  • Gummi - new rubber sole

    Gummi - new rubber sole

  • Mako


    Felt / Gummi with studs
    #8 - #14 / #7 - #14
  • Tungsten studs

    Tungsten studs