Sepp Fuchs

Sepp started 35 years ago with Fly-fishing. He was very passionate to unlock the secrets of the rivers. One of his trademarks is practicing and using trickcasts to avoid obstacles and master the different currents in a river. And he’s more than willing to teach you his tricks.

Sepp is nowadays an international instructor and flytier. He gives flycasting demo’s and lessons at a lot fly fishing events such as Fly Fair, Danish Fly Festival, FFF Conclave and several other international and national shows and fly fishing events.

He’s member of the Dutch Association of Advanced Fly Tiers (D.A.A.F.T.), EFFA Master Fly Casting Instructor, board member of the Fly Casting Department EFFA, board member of the Dutch department of the EFFA and board member of his home Fly-fishing club “Vliegvisvereniging Voorne-Putten”.

Sepp is a very innovative instructor (inventor of the SF-roll cast –a method for  training rollcast on the lawn) former Dutch fly casting champion, he has his own fly casting video and is the inventor of the famous welded flyline loops with the use of shrinktubes.